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Antidepressants / Generic Desyrel
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Generic Desyrel

Generic Desyrel

Trazodone 25/50/100mg
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Trazodone is used for:

Relieving anxiety disorders which can be manifested by sleeplessness, tension and enduring pain. Trazodone treats depression by correcting the imbalance in the brain that causes depression. Trazodone is also used for other purposes and condition based on the doctor's prerogative.

As a tetracyclic antidepressant, Trazodone increases the function of a brain chemical named serotonin a drug that helps improve one's mood and feelings.

Do NOT use Trazodone if:

You exhibit allergies to one of the many components of Trazodone and nefazodone. Trazodone is also not recommended for patients who take in sodium oxybate. It is best to consult your doctor if you suspect allergies when using the drugs so that he can recommend alternative treatment.

Before using Trazodone :

Trazodone can interact with various medical conditions. Your medical consult should always be kept informed of your condition. Take heed of these following conditions:

  • Pregnancy, thinking about becoming pregnant and breast-feeding
  • Applying other prescription drugs, non-prescription medicine, herbal medicine, or dietary supplements. Your doctor should know the list of medicine that you are taking with Trazodone.
  • Suicidal tendencies or have a have experienced depression.
  • Scheduled for surgery, dental procedure, or any other medical procedure
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • If you are allergic to other medicine, food, and other substances. This may show in your medical records, but it may be missed by your doctor.
  • If you have heart complications or heart disease such as irregular heartbeat, or have experienced heart attack before.

Trazodone may exhibit different effects with various medicines, causing mild to severe side effects to the patient. Notify your doctor if you are taking other medicines. Trazodone especially interacts with these medicines

    Side Effect such as increased drowsiness, blurred vision may occur with:

  • carbamazepine
  • ethanol
  • serotonin Inhibitors (e.g. Fluoxetine)
  • gingko Biloba
  • phenothiazines (e.g. Thioridazine)
  • HIV Inhibitors (e.g. Ritonavir)
  • The following medicines can increase the risk of side effects with Trazodone:

  • buspirone
  • carbamazepine
  • digoxin
  • hydantoins (e.g. Phenytoin)
  • itraconazole
  • ketoconazole
  • nefazodone
  • serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (e.g. Fluoxetine)
  • GHB - Sodium Oxybate
  • Anticoagulants such as warfarin decrease the effect of the medication. Your medical counsel will likely modify your dosage for Trazodone or your other medicines to come up with an effective treatment for your condition.

The listed drugs isn't the complete list. It is important to consult your doctor for the supposed interactions with your other medicines. Before you modify your dosage, ask for the permission from your physician. He will tell you when to modify your dosage.

How to use Trazodone :

Only take Trazodone under the guidance of your doctor. Follow his full instructions or you can read the label on the container as your guide. In addition, here are some pointers in taking in Trazodone.

  • If you take Trazodone as part of your regular routine, master the dosage instructions and read them again every time you have your medicine refilled. Trazodone has a sheet for patient info. This medication guide will direct your dosage routine.
  • The usual dosage for Trazodone is taken after a light snack or a meal.
  • The effectiveness of Trazodone may take one to four weeks. Therefore, continue your dosage unless your doctors say so.
  • If you miss a dose you must take Trazodone you remember. However, if your next scheduled dosage is near, do not take more Trazodone to catch up. If you miss most of your schedule, talk to your doctor immediately and restart the medication.

If you have questions about your dosage, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. It is important that you give utmost attention to your medication.

Important safety information:

  • First time users must learn how to adjust to the side effects of Trazodone. Drowsiness, dizziness, and blurred vision are usual side effects of Trazodone. These side effects are magnified if you drink alcohol or if you take other medicines. In this case, refrain from driving or doing risky physical activities until you are certain how your body will react to the medication.
  • Stop drinking alcohol or take medicine that causes drowsiness such as sleep aid while under Trazodone. Doing this may increase the side effects. Consult your health care provider to have a list of drowse medicines that you should avoid.
  • Trazedone may increase the risk of suicidal tendencies especially to children and teens. If you experienced suicidal tendencies, you are placed at a greater risk. The risk for suicidal tendency can be alarming for patients with bipolar illness (those who are manic-depressive) or if the relatives of the patient have a case of bipolar illness. Observe patients who take this medication and consult the physicianif the patient shows signs of unusually erratic mood swings or symptoms exhibiting depressed mood, anxiousness, and irritable behavior. Patients may also experience panic attacks. If suicidal tendencies seem evident with the patient, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Inform your doctor about your Trazodone dosage before undergoing medical care, surgery, or emergency care.
  • Trazodone is not for children aged 6 years and below. In addition, the beneficial effects and safety of Trazodone to children have not been fully studied.
  • Trazodone dosage can cause mild to serious sexual problems such as impotence. Rarely does Trazodone cause prolonged and painful erection. Attend to this complication immediately and contact your doctor right away.
  • Your doctor will advise you about the positives and complications of Trazodone during pregnancy and breast feeding. Traces of Trazodone can rest on breast-fed milk. It is important to get the approval of your doctor first and discuss the risks that you may inflict to the baby before planning for a pregnancy.

Possible side effects of Trazodone :

It is known that all drugs have side effects. However, these effects do not usually happen to most people. Consult with medical counsel for any common side effects that constantly crop up. The common side effects include:

Blurred Vision; Constipation; Decreased Appetitive; Dizziness; Drowsiness; Dry Mouth; General Body Discomfort; Headache; Loss of Coordination; Light-Headedness; Muscle Pains; Nausea; Nervousness; Sleeplessness; Stomach Aches; Stuffy Nose; Skin Swells; Tiredness; Tremors

Medicine may also cause severe side effects. Find the nearest hospital if these effects occur:

Severe Allergic Reaction; Blood in Urine; Chest Pain; Fainting; Hallucination; Irregular Heartbeat; Prolonged and Painful Erections; Seizures; Shortness of Breath

What is the shelf life of the pills?

  • The expiry date is mentioned on each blister. It is different for different batches. The shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture and would differ from batch to batch depending on when they were manufactured.

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